What needs to happen to collect my $500?

Several computers were infected, i was using CIS pro free trial, CIS Free and several other comdo tools…

These DDOS attacks continue, and somehow got through any protections comodo could provide.

Comodo updated without permission several times, once even after i blocked it. After the update these people had free reign, complete access…no warnings were issued for most of the changes they made.
Each time i installed CIS pro, or CIS free… it just updated immediately, and blocked internet connections…And even tried to shut the sytem down… ?Generic-ff? was the only partial trojan found, and not by comodo =c

What exactly needs to occur, in what sequence, and what proof should i provide… with one pc not able to boot, and the other completely clean install… i’m not sure how i could actually provide evidence other then my many, many forum posts and neglected GeekBuddy encounters. I do wish to recover screen shots of various errors, and find out how these attacks succeded… >:( $500 would restore one pc, and allow me to build a more secure pc…one with on-chip anti-v and HIPS. It would also make it a little more worth while to continue installing and troubleshooting comodo.


I have asked Melih to reply, or a Comodo Staff Member will reply.

I’m sorry about what happened.


Perhaps, if you have the malware, or a hash for it, you could send the files to me So I can send them over to the person who leads Comodo’s virus labs - in order for them to be analyzed.

I’ll PM you my Email address if you like.


how about i send you the HD’s of the downed xp machine?

I also noticed a similar occurance on both machines… registries and or folders with the words “videoegg”

which would only exist once? And then i couldn’t find them again… When D+ alerted me while i searched…issues with the pc’s quickly got worse… I just now got around to a mild googleing… :o

Okay, no problem.

We will await a Comodo Staff member to reply.


Are these the same alleged DDOS attacks you posted about in this post updated ddos/ remote connection to lan list. If so, Eric asked you to post more information so that the connections may be better assessed.

We are still waiting for corroboration for your DDOS claim.

It has not slipped my attention that over the last couple of weeks you have made various posts about problems with your computer. These post have in common that there is not always a solid corroboration for assumed causes nor do you seem always seem open for other possible explanations.

Please start a single topic about the problems you are facing with your computer as suggested by me in this topic.

pazsion your suspect sir and with good reason i think :-\

if used properly CIS is the best protection free or paid . . . used properly that is !

Not to mention some of the problems are just not possible. Like this post: viruses in ram or memory

Your monitors RAM is infected? And possibly reinfecting the system? ???

I think pazsion wants :

the butter (CIS for free)
the money of the butter (Geek Buddy cleaning his computer(s) for free)
the smile of Comodo (asking $500 while he doesn’t pay a penny to get CIS)

Tell us pazsion : will you work for free if someone unknown ask it or give that person 500 bucks if you refuse?

TY for all your replies!

Eric, please be patient, it will probably not be easy to recover information from a wiped drive, to get more info, I also asked for more specifity, this is not the thread for it?

DDOS, has been occuring for more then 3 years… several diffrent sources. I have have tried several diffrent methods, software, and outside help, During a period where they did not exist, I tried comodo’s software!

For more then a year! It worked when it happened again. And the next time…etc until now.

Again, what information do you seek, that the comodo community isn’t or is willing to provide for you?

I am more then willing to find what you, or anyone seeks myself. If i don’t know how, i will learn how.

I will share with trusted sources, what i can and have provided… These ip’s are logged, and would probably be pc’s malware abused…includeing one of my pc’s.


I can’t thank you and others who have also helped me and many others many times before …I still have the ram chip as well, I don’t have a pc i am willing to test it on…I’m willing to send that out if it helps.

Eric and others, please keep your responses to other threads, in those threads…But thank you for linking to them. Those threads i Do believe contain relevent info, but needs assistance…
. and clarity it takes time, and patience. please hang in there or help if you can.

Unless you’ve wiped the disk with something like DBAN most of the information will be recoverable.

DDOS, has been occuring for more then 3 years... several diffrent sources. I have have tried several diffrent methods, software, and outside help, During a period where they did not exist, I tried comodo's software!

Why do you believe these are DDOS attacks?

Again, what information do you seek, that the comodo community isn't or is willing to provide for you?

I am more then willing to find what you, or anyone seeks myself. If i don’t know how, i will learn how.

You need to provide specific details about your CIS configuration, such as firewall, D+ and AV settings.

You need to provide specific details of the perceived attacks, such as the firewall log files showing these specific inbound connections.

You need to provide specific information on the alleged malware, including the name of the malware and whether or not it has been confirmed as such. If so, by whom and when. If you have something like a virustotal report or link, it would help. Also any D+ logs pertaining to the problems.

I will share with trusted sources, what i can and have provided... These ip's are logged, and would probably be pc's malware abused....includeing one of my pc's.

Simply logging ip addresses does not prove the connections you’re seeing are attacks, of any kind. More detailed information is necessary.

Eric and others, please keep your responses to other threads, in those threads...But thank you for linking to them. Those threads i Do believe contain relevent info, but needs assistance.. . and clarity it takes time, and patience. please hang in there or help if you can.

It would probably be better if all your disparate threads were merged in one place, which can then be used for further discussion.

;D i know that’s right


paszion says: (“everytime i install a linux distro, my pc gets hijacked by , i think microsoft… and they modify bootmgr/boot.ini, and disable my pc. so i’ve stayed away from it for the time being, as i see no way to protect my systems from these attacks.”)

at pazsion
you write things like this, and you want 500 dollars from comodo to buy a secure pc, because you choosed to use comodo free trial. they can be lucky, no? and you even ask, “What exactly needs to occur, in what sequence, and what proof should i provide?” … BUT you DONT ask: how can i avoid this to happen. … hm, maybe because you would not get 500 dollars when your pc is safe enough like for the rest of us with comodo?
i think, no program can help you with your problem. and if you would use linux, while windows allready drives you mad, maybe you manage to explode your computer.
then you will ask linux for a refund… :smiley:

sorry, but sometimes things have to be said clear.

exploits continue even with other software!

relevent to comodo as well!

The relevance of that link to this thread?

i found a secure computer for you!
unfortunately $500 are not enough to get it. but you could buy some cheap ones first, let them get infected, and ask security companies for several refunds of 500 dollars. and one day you can have this:

you showed me an important question: shouldnt any security company give out secure computers to customers who paid a fee for an antivirus?

Here is the answer to the original question:

$500 warranty is only for paid customers not free users.

The proper and questionable answer, copied from the site and eula.

Why would you pay for something that 1.) allowed malware or a virus to be installed.
2.) Allowed remote connections outside of comodo’s software and techs to connect and manipulate your pc without warnings
3.) Ignored malware/viruses During the software’s scans and when geekbuddy and others were contacted.
4.) forces you to pay to remove or even look for viruses/malware.
5.) only covers you if you have paid and can connect to the internet, funny most malware denies access to the internet!
6.) only covers you if you allow it to be serviced by a ?certified? approved shop?
7.) If comodo doesn’t consider malicous persons or software, to be malicous, you are not covered.
8.) only covers the ammount the customer has already paid to comodo, If taken to a service provider approved by comodo, and repairs exceed this ammount. YOU PAY THE BILL!

Even if i did pay for this software, I would be excluded simply because the machine doesn’t boot, and possibly can’t access the internet. And i probably wouldn’t have a shop near me comodo would approve of. And ammount given would not match what a service rep would estimate as the value of the pc, or the ammount paid to comodo.

So basically to “qualify” your pc would have to be bought the same year you installed the sotware, And not depreciate in value for the next 10 years! And you would have to maintain that subcription. And not have disabled any protections, regardless of the reason, for those ten years! And at no time are you ever actually entitled to $500 in any shape or form. See also, money back gaurantee.

I have continued to use comodo, cause it worked, I continued to work with comodo support and submit problems because i want it to continue to work. The good people on this planet need such things to work and protect them. I only asked about the $500 reimbursement, because it was offered. No other reason. I should qualify, except for the fact that, again, i’m being forced to pay. The only reason my computer is down is because comodo either did not recognize the threats, or ignored them. Sadly i believe it’s a little bit of both. I feel from the responses i’ve gotten recently (except for a few) and actions of geekbuddy’s team. That even if i HAD paid for the software. There would be someone, somehow to denie me what i was promised, yet again. And i’d never get my money back. Knowing this now…I’m very happy i have not paid. Again…I hope this behavior and neglience does not continue, I still hold some hope that this software and community can convince me, and others like me. That comodo is WORTH investing in.

Just because your pc is still working, and mine is not. does not mean you are virus/malware free, you just haven’t found it yet. If it got me, while all protections are on. It is likely your pc’s are also infected. I wish you all the best. And i sincerely hope i am wrong.

$500 Virus-Free Guarantee*
Comodo believes security software companies should stand behind their products, which is why we back Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 with a unique guarantee. If your PC ever becomes infected, our online technicians will correct the problem at no addition cost to you. To back this up, Comodo’s Guarantee covers your PC with up to $500 for repair costs, should your PC become infected with a virus or malware and we can’t restore you to working condition. With Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011, you get Security, Software, Support plus peace of mind.

To qualify, each
computer must have 1) the minimum requirements to install and run the Product, 2) the
guarantee activated using the license key provided by Comodo, 3) the correct version of CIS
installed on the computer, and 4) a CIS system scan run to verify that the computer is free
from malware. The guarantee does not apply if a computer 1) is unable to access the
Internet, 2) more than one year has lapsed since the date of the Product’s activation by the
original purchaser, 3) the computer has preexisting malware, 4) does not have CIS installed
and operating in the correct functional state. After installing the CIS, you must, on each
computer, a) keep CIS operating at all times in one of 1) Paranoid Mode, 2) Train with Safe
Mode, or 3) Clean PC Mode and b) not disable or remove the CIS. The guarantee excludes
all damage caused by a hardware failure or caused by non-malware software. THE LIMITED
INCLUDE THE GUARANTEE. The guarantee is non-transferrable, and can only be used by
the original purchaser of the Software.
3.2. Limits. The guarantee is limited to the lesser of
(i) The actual cost of the computer;
(ii) An aggregate total of $500 for all claims paid under a single license key, and
(iii) The actual cost of a Comodo specified and authorized third party provider to repair the
computer to an operating condition (“Guarantee Limit”).
The guarantee is limited to repairing the computer over the Internet to an operational state
and excludes all claims for lost or expected profits, lost or corrupted data, lost or deleted
work, or lost or damaged personal files. Comodo does not guarantee against the loss of any
file or information. The guarantee is void if you breached this agreement, failed to follow the
procedures described in this Section 3, or failed to pay any fees applicable to your use of the
3.3. Claims. If a computer qualifying under Section 3.1 becomes infected with malware you must

Please refer to the provided eula for further information!

With all due respect, you’ve been asked repeatedly to provide detailed information to support your claims of various attacks, hijacks, viruses and trojans.

So far, the information you have provided, consists of a list of IP addresses, which you claim are generating DDOS attacks against you and two legitimate processes, aitagent.exe and conhost, which you misidentified as malware.

If you want someone to take your claims seriously, please provide the information you’ve been asked for on numerous occasions.