What microsoft winxp files are responsible for generic mouse plug&play?

Due to Logitech’s awesome driver support for their products, I was able to get my laptop’s Logitech M-UAG120 mouse to work on my gaming pc.

However, my LEXMA AM546, which depends on winxp’s plug&play capabilities, still won’t work in said gaming pc.

What are the winxp (sp3) files responsible for the generic microsoft mouse driver?

The drivers would be those that manage the USB ports. Look under System/Device manager.
That should point you in the direction you wish to go.

Said USB ports are working for any usb device I’ve got…except mouses.

You sure the plug&play function of winxp are hinged on the drivers that manage the USB ports?

I’m thinking of copying mouclass.sys and mouhid.sys of my laptop’s winxp (sp2) and copying said sys files into my gaming pc (sp3).

What say you? That ok?