what level of firewall cover when installing

I tried and failed to upgrade from V3 to V4 … 3 problems arose the last one being “set-up ended prematurely” and error 1603.

Still on V3 but will retry another day.

However when installing V4 it came up with 3 alternatives
firewall only - firewall with proactive and a third one I can’t remember.

As I only use the firewall should I chose this one , if I chose the proactive one can I disable it later and whats the difference anyway .

I think the sandbox and Defense+ will be installed also. Am I wrong?

As far as I know you can select to also install Defense+. You can then permanently disable it after installing.

The only problem could come up if you had some software that would interfere with it’s installation. For this reason it may be a good idea to disable all other security software, excluding Windows Firewall, until after it’s installed. Of course after it’s installed you should then disable Windows Firewall again.

That is Configuration setting:

  1. Internet Security
  2. Proactive Security
  3. Firewall Security

I check Internet Security! Yes you can change it anytime !