What it means to part of the Comodo Forums

This is a great place to go to get the heads up on all the latest hot topics on the web (one of the areas the author covers can be found on the link supplied) with honest and hard hitting reviews no punches pulled, and i hope the author doesn’t mind me putting this link on the Comodo forum as he explains in one of his summaries, “what it is like to be a member of the Comodo forums” where the CEO and dev team are every bit a part of of it all, high praise indeed from a man that tells it as it is.
Along with the respect the members have for each other here make it second to none,… http://xenh12-linuxcity.blogspot.com/

It Just goes to show how well a company and the people that support it can grow together

Regards all


Hey Jay,

I haven’t posted here for a while, as I run an only Linux computer at the moment. Thanks for giving the link to my new blog. Yeah, Comodo forum is the only one of its kind I’m afraid. I will post here again as soon as I got Windows and CFP 3.0 on my PC.

                                                                 Gharkh (aka xenh12)

here’s the exact link to the post where I mentioned Comodo forum in my blog:

I won’t give the link here but in the other forum I was talking about, as an answer to a user complaining about
censorship there, the main admin told him to go post on Blogger, if he wanted to write freely.

This is a big credit to us all, Comodo employees, forum moderators and forum users! We have created an amazing forum that we should all be proud of and thank you to Xenh12 for recognizing that.



Gharkh, I’m glad you’re enjoying Linux; I’ve been using it at home as well.

I just wanted to make one comment on your blog, where you said

People post there in the right section most of the time. Why? because they like the forum and they want it to work well.

You may not realize it, but we actually have to move quite a few posts to the correct/more appropriate threads. There are also a fair amount of multi-posting and cross-posting situations as well. I think this just goes along with the territory (ie, forums). This is why most forums are so “strict” about searching first, and move/remove posts that are redundant. LOL, in the FW boards just look at how many different threads there are for the common problems/issues/applications/questions that everybody asks about!

We’re much more relaxed than most, I agree, and in general I think that’s a good thing. We try to be pretty low-key with moving posts and whatnot, and generally don’t remove multiples, although we may merge them all together. Even so, some folks get quite upset when their posts are “tampered” with; only a few, though… I guess they’ve never done so at “other” forums.


you’re welcome!

Yes, I’m on PCLinuxOS. I’ll be back on Windows soon (dual booting) and I’ll be really happy to post here again,when I get CFP3.0 in Vista.

Not a big fan of their forums, though, I take it… :wink: Guess you must like the product okay, though.


Yes it’s exactly that: I don’t like their forum either as you probably noticed when reading my blog but I really like the distro. I’d rather switch to a new one as soon as something better comes out, along with a good forum. In the meantime, even if I criticized their forum, and will never post there again, I keep saying the distro is good. I’m a KDE guy and Kubuntu is too unstable, at the moment. I gave a try to Suse a couple of days ago, and got too many issues.

Yeah, I’m just waiting for the Mini to become a little more stable so I can install it on my wife’s antiquated computer. I’ve maxed out the RAM its board can handle, but it’s not quite enough to get 2007 to install. I’ve looked at a number of other distros, but like that one the best, and want to keep them the same so I don’t have to learn too much at once… :wink:

I haven’t had any troubles at their forums, but haven’t had much interaction there, either. Mostly just searched for answers and have had pretty good luck with that so far, so I haven’t had to post all that much.


PS: Anyway, that’s all very off-topic… I’m glad you enjoy the Comodo family of forums and products! (:CLP)

Hi Gharkh I found your topics a great read especially on the Google desktop search to be incorporated into Vista…well that was uninstalled lol, as i don’t remember asking for it when i bought the new PC…I have been to a few forums of late, but this is one of the best, never short of help and support or left waiting around for an answer and i don’t mind putting Comodo where ever i visit and recommend a trip here for anybody in need of help for any of the products… :■■■■


Link is down now, unfortunately.

Well it was a long time ago. :slight_smile:

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That is Today’s humor.


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Being part of Comodo forums may mean:
Access to a very active comunity.
Help with issues both about Comodo’s products and anything else.
Chat over whatever.
Fun conversation.

Or it may mean:
Having your posts randomly erased without explanation.
Being rudely warned (and in bad English).
Having your account banned because you touched someone’s Ego.

All in all, an interesting experience.

arbitrary rule of local administration :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: All the views expressed herein are not in any way tied to LaserWraith, his account, aliases, or other Wraiths. All warnings, anger, and bans should be directed toward one ganda. All words here are an illusion. Nothing is serious.

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I once managed to touch all the active mods’ ego at once. I’m surprised I’m still using the same account! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found something.

Disclaimer: All the views expressed herein are not in any way tied to
LaserWraith, his account, aliases, or other Wraiths.
All warnings, anger, and bans should be directed toward one ganda.
All words here are an illusion. Nothing is serious.

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Hey Jayclub:
the link to the linuxcity blog on blogspot is not working at least for me. I keep getting a message that ’ the blog you are looking for was not found’. It sounded interesting. Is it shut down ? or is blogspot just having problems.

I think there’s little meaning to mention to Jayclub who hasn’t logged on for years, and even less meaningful considering the age of the post.