What Is Your Security Set Up

Here is my set up which works great on both my pc’s with no slow downs at all.

Anti Virus = NOD32 3.0.667.0 w/ IE and FF under active mode for optimal web security

Firewall = Comodo

HIPS = Comodo

Virtualization = Sandboxie 3.26

On Demand Anti Spyware = SAS and MBAM

2Wire Gateway DSL Modem w/Hardware Firewall enabled on full stealth

Both my Desktop and Laptop have this same setup

AntiVirus: Avast 4.8 Home Edition

Firewall: CFP3

Anti Malware: BOClean 4.26 and a-squared anti malware

Edit: Haven’t had a virus for almost 7 months now :-TU

Got you beat Goose. No infections in over 5 years and I surf and download everything. A Squared always gave me false positives. It also says that GameSpy is spyware. Its the only program that ever does.

First PC - Main Dekstop

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and nothing more - no antispyware,virtualization or anything like that. If I’ll need them for a short time - I’ll download them ;D

Second PC - Test Laptop

Comodo Firewall v3 (Of course - always the latest version)

Comodo Memory Firewall v2 (Latest version too)

Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer BETA (If you count that as a security product - well it is ;D)

I never use mixed software, like antivirus this, antispyware that, firewall again from some different vendor. No, I never do that. EVER ! :slight_smile:

CFP3 w/Defense+

avast 4.8

Current Running Processes
CFP 3 With Defense
Avira PE
Comodo Memory Firewall

Avast (Free)
AVG Free
A-Squared Free
Clam Win
Spyware Terminator

Other Related Security Apps
Comodo Back Up

Firewall: Comodo Firewall
HIPS: Defense+
Antivirus: None.
Antispyware: SAS.

Other: CCleaner



Spybot - Search and Destroy’s immunize-function

Disabled useless, and potentially dangerous services



Real-time protection

Comodo Firewall Pro 3 with Defense+ in Paranoid Mode and the firewall in Custom Policy Mode

Comodo Memory Firewall


Avira Premium (Avira Free when license expires)

Spybot - Search & Destroy





Router with hardware firewall (MAC-filtering enabled, DHCP disabled, 30 character long WPA2-PSK-encrypted key, ping from WAN-side disabled, SPI enabled, UPnP disabled, DOS Protection enabled)

Firefox 3 with NoScript and Adblock Plus

All security patches from Microsoft

Running as Limited User

Some configuration with Group Policy Editor


I edit my post and added my hardware modem.

I also updated mine to include what security I use on my router.

My security realtime NOD32 CFP2.4 Boclean SB ST Cmf On demand S+D SAS MWB. Vettech mentioned his browser in active mode Nod32(advanced setting) what does this achieve plus other processes can have te same setting is it wise to check them all?

Open up NOD32 and click on the web browser section. Then click on the active mode. It enables extra filtering with no slow downs. You can test it out by going to the eicar site.

Hi guys
Firewall= Comodo with defense+ activated
Antivirus= none for now, waiting for CAVS3
On demand= MBAM
Surfing= Sandboxie, McAfee site advisor & Haute Secure

Xman (:KWL)

Hey Xman do you have Sandboxie set up so the only thing that can run in the Sandbox is Firefox or IE? Very secure set up.

Hi Vettetech, IE running in Sandboxie :-TU
Xman (:KWL)

Hey Vettetech, restarted IE just now Sandboxed & noted that McAfee Site advisor is non-functional when running sandboxed but my trustworthy Haute Secure is running sandboxed though & all this with Comodo search as my homepage, I’m safe with Sandboxie & Haute Secure

Xman (:KWL)

This is my config file.

Under - [GlobalSettings]

Under - [DefaultBox]

I’ve added the extra filtering to ie7 and opera should i enable it for the others like realplayer java comodo etc?

No if you read the instructions its only for web browser. Adding active mode for IE,FF and Opera is fine. Adding it for uTorrent and Limewire is good also.