What is your opinion about Webrtc?

Hy I want to see your opinion about this new way to make video call directly from your browser. Do you think it is useful, or a potential risk to your privacy?

I haven’t tried it and I haven’t really looked for information about it, but I think that Skype (or any other similar service) would suffice for any situation, hence I voted for the third option “Don’t care”. I really don’t see why everything needs to be in the browser nowadays.

But then again, I could have voted yes because I do like the idea of supporting things, just that not everyone needs to use it. Perhaps disabled by default?

Also how does it actually work? Does it use IP to call? A normal phone number? An Account? Can you call anyone or do you have to have them as contacts?

It doesn’t have to be in the browser. It can be in any application and in dedicated devices.

Information: WebRTC

WebRTC is an open project, so I like it. :-TU It can replace Skype and similar closed solutions. The open audio-codec Opus is MTI (mandatory to implement) in WebRTC, which is very good. An MTI video-codec is being discussed, and I hope VP8 will be chosen.

Here are some things on how it works

After actually looking at it for a bit and reading up a little I want to change my answer to “Yes I like it” Any chance you can edit the poll to allow changing one’s answer?

I wonder, if I would call someone on a computer from my computer, would they be able to get my IP-address? That is something that troubles me with Skype, it’s really easy to get someone’s IP if you know their Skype. But I guess it’s necessary for direct communication and not having to go through a server, so I also guess that both ways have pros and cons.

But actually that doesn’t really bother me because I’m using a VPN constantly, it was more of a issue before I started using a VPN. The thing with Skype is also a big issue for streamers because if they give out their Skype names and then start streaming, someone can just get their IP-address really easily and then start a DDoS (or DoS) I saw it last time a few days ago when this 64 year old guy was playing BF3 for charity, he had his Skype on the Twitch page and as soon as the stream got a bigger notice his connection went straight to hell, he did raise over 4 times his goal though, but the fact that there are those people who would do that is beyond me.

I just noticed my edit is way longer than my original post =P

Sorry SanyaIV, I can’t find the option to allow users to change their votes :embarassed:

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I’m strongly against it.

I switched to IceDragon after last FF update that made this WebRTC and PeerConnection on by default with no option to turn it off with one click. If no link that was send ti me, I even wouldn’t know that it was enabled, tell me about invasion in privacy now.

In my opinion, there are at least two categories of users:

  • one is chatting, sharing on social media, playing, peer-to-peer(-ing?), calling and video-connecting, opening their computer to others,
  • and majority, who do their best to protect their computer from un-autorized connections and access, up to disabling remote access service in Windows, peer-to-peer connections whenever possible, using stealth mode and pro-active security in CIS.

I strongly believe that the last group, being a majority (maybe not by loudness of voicing it), should have a browser with required for them functions, not the one open to all winds.

Thank you.

(:WAV) Open project - you welcome

But waths happened if you for example can"t find you phone or laptop anymore whats ever the reason >:-D

is there a option to delete or block that :THNK

Sorry, costerin, I failed see the connection: no computer/smartphone with internet access means no internet access, same as if there is no internet access even if computer is present.

Unless you have a desktop computer (hard to displace), older model as backup for main computer failure, laptop for portable use and smartphone with own 3G internet connection as a backup for hiccups of main Internet provider.

In any case, peer-to-peer and all formats of video should be easily blockable, IMHO.

+1. Agree.