What is your most favourite security application?

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Not at all.
I like to build my own security suite with freeware. ;D

Sure, but it’s interesting to see that after 58 votes, not a single one has been in favour of Comodo. Poor Comodo haha.

As you will know, most Wilders posters are involved with selling paid programs, so are unlikely to choose Comodo.

Why did you offer firewall only rather than CIS?

CIS would come under “Internet Security Suite (eg. KIS, ESS etc)”.

I just wanted to get a general idea of what people liked haha.

I would say CIS, you CAN’T the beat the firewall or defence+ The only thing that it doesn’t defend is MBR rootkits and I have Prevx to fill in that gap

most Wilders posters are involved with selling paid programs
Thanks, that explained a few things that I couldn't figure out about that forum :■■■■ :■■■■ and the others are paranoid security fanatics that'll never be happy with any configuration they come up with

So why offer Comodo Firewall as a choice rather than Firewall?

If you load the question you distort the results.


Because Comodo Firewall has a HIPS (Defense+). Note I also listed Online Armor mate. And mate, it’s by no means an accurate poll in the first place. It’s all for funsies haha.

So you’re paying valuable money for Prevx, and it might not pick up all MBR rootkits? Any good antivirus should be able to detect rootkits.

it might not pick up all MBR rootkits? Any good antivirus should be able to detect rootkits.
Most good antivirus software cant detect or stop MBR rootkits and yes most good antivirus's can detect rootkits. I know nothing could ever be 100%.

I assuming you know that MBR stands for Master Boot Record ???

You forgot to put “haha” on your last post.

Yes mate. Haha.

5 votes for Comodo haha:

What did you expect ? It’s the official forum from Prevx, Eset, returnil, etc. How many votes for a free IS do you think you will get ?


Cis :smiley: .however it need to be combined with a flaw watchdog like secunia in advanced mode and some other free on-demand anti-malware softwares :slight_smile:

i use avast with cis…and windows defender…three times the protection

Which particular rootkits are you referring to,that D+ in pro-active mode (DDA enabled) is unable to prevent?

For me now,

Internt Security Suites : CIS

Passive on demand (just additional, in case) :-
Anti-virus : BitDefender Free
Anti-adware : Ad-adware (dump it month ago)
Anti-spyware : SUPERAntispyware
Anti-malware : Malwarebytes

So far quite satisfied with these combination.

I used CIS alone for better PC Speed & Performance… I loved to Terminate Malwares via DEF+

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