What is your main pet hate.

Hi all. If you know me at all, you would know that I not real keen on the word hate. But I still have a pet hate that concerns me greatly. Speed catching devices and speed cameras. They are revenue makers only and not out to save lives as we all get told. I think it quite discusting that anyone in high places, can put money before saving lives. We now have people nervous and always concious of their speedometers trying to avoid a fine. Nervous drivers make driving errors which in turn can result in accidents, also peoples eyes are to busy watching speedometers instead of having full concentration on the road which also can result in accidents. Fines are getting so large some people are concentrating on speed instead of driving. I recently seen on television that one particular fixed camera is generating $9000 an hour and a big portion of these speeders were within 3kmh of the speed limit, also the biggest percentage of these fixed cameras are put on reasonable safe roads and not black spots. Also on our highways we get very graphical signage about road trauma which I think could give our young children nightmares. Some of the fastest people in the world die of old age not road problems, these same people would also have respect, common sense, good attitude, confidence and not intoxicated in any way while driving.
Some of the countries that have the fastest freeways also have the least road deaths in ratio of motorists.
The amount of speed trapping devices are increasing dramatically, but so is road trauma. I hope one day people in high places take money out of the equation and start concentrating on the real problems, which will result in life preservation. Thanks for reading my comments and for telling us your pet hates. Kind regards.

I’d have to agree with you above.

Although in my local area, it’s no so much as speed devices, it’s traffic light cameras. The standards for them are very strict, at each stop light there is a white line where cars are supposed to stop. If there is a camera at any light, if your car wheel even touches the white light, your picture is taken and you are sent a ticket. And those tickets here, from what I’ve heard run to be about $165-$180.

I don’t have much issues with speed cameras. However not too far away where I live you pay a fee for just driving at any speed (certain times). People drive less and I think it prevents people from dying in the traffic, but it certainly is annoying. Since the goverment failed to provide decent roads they solved the heavy traffic “issue” not by fixing better and bigger roads but by charging people so they stay away from the road.

I hate grabbing a doorknob to find that it is wet… :-\

I’m always upset with my laziness. 88)

I also dislike not being able to do much about politics (or even post it here).

For me, it is when it is sticky (fruit juice sometimes). :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi LaserWraith, or worse still, not knowing what the stickiness is.

When your coaster sticks to the bottom of your cup.

when my work colleague unplugs the kettle to use the toaster. I flick it on to boil, go to the toilet and return thinking the kettle has boiled then pour cold water into my tea cup.

I bet there is a lot more but i can’t think of any ATM.

O one that really gets my goat is when you get people playing music on there mobile phones on the back of the bus, out of the tiny tinny little speakers. I wouldn’t mind if it was good music but it never is.

Laziness and wilful ignorance!

Edit: And those who don’t read a whole post before replying!

Was that comment on this thread or just in general?? lol

Just in general. It stems from a conversation I am having on another forum, which has grown to several pages.