What is your favourite Forum other than Comodo

Hi everyone. What forums do you like to interact on and why? Besides Comodo of course. I personally can’t comment because Comodo is the only Forum I have ever joined. Thanks in advance for comments from Mr Curious. Kind regards to all.

Undoubtedly, avast forums. I’m quite senior there.
But also, Ubuntu forums, K9, Wilders, some minor forums of Firefox addons.

A lot of them. ;D
7 forums in my country (in 3 of them I’m a mod too) and some well known overseas forums (TPU, XS, HWC, OCF, guru3D, jonnyguru).
From time to time I’m passing by on wilders and Outpost forums too.
Mostly of them are hardware related.

Panda Cloud Antivirus I am a mod there not to active though since I been using cis5, I watch wilders, and I help out in the microsoft security essentials forum. ;D

lets see…Probably the Remove-malware forums

Actually, I’m only somewhat active on one forum…this one. 88) I don’t have enough time to go wasting it away on reading long arguments, etc. If I dig deeply, I can learn things on forums, but it takes lots of time. Better to just read a guide/book/Wikipedia. :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 7 Forums.

Enid Blyton forums

The Enid Blyton Society - Index page

I regularly read a a few forums Remove-malware, Wilders, Malwarebytes but its only here and one other forum that I actually post and take part in.

Boy,this brings back memories. I had sorta forgotten I read those books when I was a kid.:slight_smile:

My favorite forums other than this are Opera Forums ( the browser) and Gathering of Tweakers (community of well known Dutch tech site).