What is your favorite brand of computer?

Dell is very Resistance. :-TU

Because I’m like half of the year on the move… I’m nothing with a desktop :slight_smile:

Don’t hope to much. I bought a dell XPS 1530 and it’s screen is dead. So the laptop became a destop now. I called dell and they said : Yes, we know there is a problem with the screens. But it doesn’t fall under the warranty. So now I have to pay over 400 euros to fix what they’ve done wrong. NO WAY!


I got my current computer when I was 12-13 years, so a friend of my dad built it for me. Not a single problem with it, except that the Ethernet cable was too short, so we had to make a hole in the wall, in order for it to reach from my computer to the connection point in another room. 88)

Xan, you I know have a valid reason for requiring a laptop. I am curious why Jeremy does, though.

I rarely game (only once every 4-6 months, and only a few hours after I get started. Then I won’t game for awhile). :slight_smile:

Besides, I bring my computer to friends’ houses and public pools. I also like to move around in my house (one spot can get uncomfortable ;D).

In addition, I don’t exactly have room for a desktop. Laptops don’t need as much cables.

Would like to build my own but arthritis in the fingers makes it impracticable .
So I am a Novatech man because their customer service and technical support are second to none .With reasonable pricing to boot .

When I purchased this PC over a decade ago! I studied Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq etc. and although I never purchased anything over the internet before I did this PC.

The manufacturer is ABS Computers out of California, and today its focus seems to be mainly gaming PCs but back then it offered Home, Office, and Gaming.

The reason I chose ABS was that back then I could literally build (modify hardware ) my PC.
I did not choose the top model but one about 3 below it, and could chose case, motherboard, chip, power supply, video and sound card, keyboard, Hard Drive and configuration, and moitor.

On those other brands I noticed that they mention a few options but not everything, and in most instances the bus speed always had a conflict. So did ABS until I changed HDs in the build.

Today there are not as many options but there still are several, and those change depending on the model you chose. Back then I also received a long parts warranty can’t remember if it was 4 or 6 years and lifetime phone support. At that time it was from the ABS office in California.
Just checked and now ABS as the standard 1 year basic warranty.
Maybe I should give them a call to see if I still have lifetime phone support :wink:

If anyone has looked at ABS Computers recently, let me know what you think of the value compared to Dell, Gateway, and HP.


Axl Amazing Computers, especially the Fantabulous line.
I would put up a link, but it seems the website is down?

Great PC techs, poor website designers. :smiley:

kitchen table, ive never bought a pc

For me is Acer. Cheapest with the same spec if compare with HP & Dell (only more expensive than buit my own lol but I have no that technical know how). I bought my 1st generation PC and Laptop 7 years ago and they can last 6 years. Pretty good for me. I hope my 2nd generation PC and Laptop which I bought a year ago can also last for 6 years so I can skip Windows 7 in total. :a0

Hence the reason I buy the components I want and build my own. :slight_smile:

I have been using HP (desktop and notebook). It’s nice and works well with me. :smiley:

My brother has a Dell laptop, I think he likes its performance. :slight_smile:

But for me, It’s HP. :wink: