What is your favorite brand of computer?

Today, there are many computer brands in the market, upgrading every now and then. The question is, out of the many brands available, what is your favorite? For me, Mac computers

Our family has only Dell computers…and I’m okay with them.

Build your own = More for less

I’m with Kyle, I prefer to build my own (installed hardware is what I want, not what someone else thinks I want).


I wasn’t sure how to build my own laptop so…

Defently build your own - Know what spec and performance is going to be there and the qaulity of the components.

As a follow-up on my build, I prefer Intel over AMD (my dad prefers the opposite, AMD).

I like HP/Compaq. They’re good quality and cheap. But they come with a price: preinstalled bloatware. I don’t mind though, only takes a couple days to clean out. :wink:

Alienware Would Always Be My Choice

Alienware ? Is someone earning to much money here ?


Some people just jump all over the “rich”. 88)

Hi Xan,
I Hope This Topic Is All About “Your Favourite Brand Of Computer” And Not “Your Affordable Brand Of Computer”. So I Think We Don’t Have To Earn A Lot To Choose Our Favourite Brand.

Oh, if so : Alienware it is !!!


Yes, It Is

Something has always tickled me about alien ware 88) Too much though :(:frowning:

Build my own as I have for the last 20 years or so…

Have any of you built a laptop?

Home Brew…:smiley:

Laptops aren’t the best for Gaming, Jeremy. May I ask, why would this be a preference for you?