What is your favorite backup program? [Community Poll]


Please vote saying your favorite backup software. If you choose other, please list the software and why you like it. If you choose one of the options such as Norton Ghost, please explain why you like it.

P.S. Maybe Comodo can use this info to make their backup program better ;).

I voted for Comodo Backup… why? First thing is that I trust the name, the second reason is the ability to backup to CD-R. Thanks for pointing this out Ewen ;D I use it to backup all my created graphics, website and server files plus any additional work files and it works beautifully. I still use EMC Retrospect to do a full partition backup, but thats just because I have had it setup to do so before installing Comodo Backup.

I chose Norton Ghost. I don’t think it requires much explanation as it is much more advance that Comodo Backup. It is able to create an entire image of my hard drive and has many more features. I also had a problem with Comodo BackUp that is unresolved till today. However, I would like to see Comodo BackUp to be on par with Norton Ghost (sincerely) as I won’t have to pay for it. ;D

Yours truly,

I have not tried Comodo backup, but as I understand it Comodo backup is file based. I prefer to make images. I have backup in two levels. First I have a snapshot program (FirstdefenseISR) which make restoring much quicker.

And for the last line of defence (hard drive failure) I use IFD/IFW (Image for Dos/Image for Windows) from Terabyte.
Very straight forward, simple and extremly reliable imaging program. It has not all the bells and whisles as some others that seems to cause grief and a lot of support questions, it just takes and restores a backup image without any hassle.

Well I use both Comodo and Trueimage, but I choose Trueimage as it’s my main backup software what I always use. It would be great if Comodo backup could make images also, then I would use just Comodo.


Well the one backup prog that I really loved was “DriveImage 2002” of PowerQuest. But Symantec buyed them on late 2003. :frowning:

Now I use nero and comodo for my backups.

But I think that Acronis Trueimage and Raxco FirstDefence-ISR are great. Maybe I’ll buy a license of one of those two.

I voted true image, because i haven’t used any of the other programs… ;D
Right know i’m using Retrospect and Back on Track. When Comodos program gets the possibility to make images, i will try it out.

I have been using imaging software since the first Ghost program which ran off a floppy. Now it’s 189MB after Symantec bought the program. I have used most versions of Ghost except the latest.

Also used Drive Image from version 4 up to version 2000. Bought True Image 6, 7, and 8. Plus any other imaging software I could find to test out. My favorite of all programs are from Terabyte. Where Ghost, True Image, Drive Image had problems Image for Windows, Image for DOS, and BootIt always worked perfectly. Cost much less the better known programs. I don’t want to write a review of each program I have used in the past, but I can say it’s not likely I would ever use anything other than the programs from Terabyte.

I truly do like Comodo backup, but I fear it’s nothing I can’t do already by making a data DVD on my own. I too would like Comodo to make an imaging backup software. I prefer imaging but haven’t the money for it. So that said, I don’t really have a favorite right now unless I find something free or not so costly that images, which I haven’t.



Thanks for your votes guys!!!

I use Amanda. Why? Because I still store everything of value to tape and Amanda allows me to manage multiple backups from a central location.

I could easily integrate Comodo Backup via ftp, but have not bothered because the existing service works well. That may change in the near future.