What is your Comodo setup?

Hi all,

I’m just curious.
How are you using CIS?
Just plain CIS? or maybe with a different AV?
Or are you adding CTM or another program?

let’s share ideas. (V)

My setup:

CFP - Safe Mode - Alerts on Medium
CAV - On Access - Heuristics on High
D+ - Safe Mode - Unchecked Trusted Applications - Image Execution on Normal
Using Comodo DNS service.
Using Windows Restore along with ERUNT
Not going to use CTM (too risky) I have a backup on a remote drive.
MBAM for manual scans.
SAS for manual scans.
CSC for cleaning.

CIS (Proactive Security)
CTM 8)

Is this the Windows restore within Windows 7 or Vista ? Or a seperate program?
What do you think of Comodo DNS?

Standard Windows Restore built into WinXP Pro SP3.

So far, the Comodo DNS is running smoothly. I even think it has sped up my page loads. My brother is using it as well (he doesn’t use any other Comodo products, he’s an avid Norton guy). Although, I did get a “nasty” last Friday somehow. It may have been a drive-by from some site I visited. I don’t know where it came from.

Thanks. I’m using OpenDNS I might try Comodo for a while indeed

I’ve been using it since it was offered in the CIS installer (so has my brother, we set his up manually). We both think the speed has increased. I’m happy with it, so far.

I’m lazy so I’ll borrow From Grizzly and modify it–lol

My setup:
CIS configuration- Internet Security with Image Execution turned on and all monitoring options selected
CFP - Safe Mode, Alerts on low
CAV -Stateful, Heuristics on low
D+ - Clean PC using trusted apps and an expanded trusted vendors list
Using Comodo DNS service.
No restore options since I can’t get System Restore to work (never have needed it anyway)
Not going to use CTM (too risky) I maintain backups on DvD RW’s.
MBAM for manual scans.
SAS for manual scans.
Ccleaner for cleaning.

I also was an avid “Norton Guy” for 10 years until I discovered CIS and found I can have better protection without paying 50 bucks a year. I never had any problems of any kind with Norton though.

Good to see your layered protection

My setup (main):
Too hardcore to be posted here… 88) well maby not, Anyhow:

My girlfriends dad/mums computer (Im in-charge of that one, muhahahahah >:-D):
Well first off, these people can’t be trusted, if you send them virus.exe they WILL run it… So I basically locked them out (where I am the only one with administrator account)… As well as restricting some folders (I haven’t sandboxed their browser… but oh well)… CIS installed, proactive settings, I have manually added all the rules I think they need and blocked everything else… Sometimes when I visit I run a scan using PSI to see if something needs to be updated… If so I update it for them. Disabled some services and ■■■■ (but not to the extreme extent…) + a few tweaks… Only real-time installed to enchant security is CIS… PSI, Process Explorer and Autoruns are “on-demand”… Oh and they uses Comodo DNS service… :a0:-TU

What is “PSI”? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh it is Secunia Personal Software Inspector. :stuck_out_tongue:

CIS in full.
AV - In all scan modes: Heur level: Medium; Files under 90MB;
D+ - Clean PC Mode (always). I put it in Safe (and Install) Mode on occasion.
FW - Safe Mode… I rarely use exotic apps so I don’t get compelled much to customize it.


a-Squared Free - (Only non-Comodo app I’ll name.) On-demand anti-malware. Updates are kinda heavy but a2 Free brings the best of both worlds concerning MBAM (CLI features esp. scheduling <3) & SAS (scans cookies and misc. stuff).

CD - browser #3 or #4 (kinda tied with IE)… I’ve kept my distance a lot since the “back button dilemma.”

CTM - not installed, but I consider changing that since it went RC.

CS DNS - Someone else coined the acronym. Set on all my PCs.

Main Computer
Comodo Internet Security 3 (Antivirus, Firewall and Defense+)
Comodo Cloud Scanner (beta)
Comodo BackUp

Test Tablet
Comodo Internet Security 4 (beta)
Comodo Cloud Scanner (beta)
Comodo Dragon (beta)
Comodo BackUp


This is was my Comodo setup until today, before installing AIS beta.

Yesterday and before:
Comodo Firewall with Defense+ - Proactive Configuration

However, I am still have these on my system:
Comodo Backup
Comodo EasyVPN

CIS Proactive with a few customizations… and No AV.
CTM, Scheduled to take a snap shot once a day at system start up. Snap shots over 7 days old are deleted.

CIS (antivirus configuration and heuristics on low)
The Dragon

Also want to add CTM but it doesn’t like TrueCrypt. :-TD