What is your CFP 3.0 setup?

I am currently running CFP 3.0 with antivir PE.
Ideally I would like to run without an AV (? Threatfire).
What security apps are you running with CFP 3.0?

Hi gander, I run CFP 3, CMF and BOclean. I also use firefox with adblock and noscript. I have also disabled/blocked loads of crap that Microsoft thinks we should have.

sorry Toggie, what is CMF?

Comodo Memory Firewall:

Comodo Memory Guardian (Buffer Overflow Protection)

I am running Comodo Firewall Pro with Comodo Memory Firewall 2.0 BETA.

This is all that I need in my honest opinion, With Defense+ on Train with Safe Mode (That setting alerts you when an unknown application/executable attempts to run but automatically allows if it is in the whitelist), So no Malware or Virus can install without my permission!

Prevention is the first line of Defense! CFP 3.0= Prevention. Ordinary Antivirus= Detection

Just my opinion, others are different :slight_smile:
Josh. 8)

Using the old Comodo Firewall Pro BETA), won’t bother to update since it’s working jsut fine for me. Using it together with Comodo Memory Firewall, Avira AntiVir(Heuristic High) and Spybot TeaTimer. Also I got SpywareBlaster, Spybot and Spyware Terminator’s immunize functions enabled. Could also add I use a hardware firewall too.
Internet Explorer not being used at all. Only using Firefox with NoScript and Adlock Plus. You won’t need Internet Explorer for updates, you can download manual from Microsoft security bulletin.


Thanks for all your replies.
Will CMF be integrated into CFP in the future?


Yes… It will be the first product to be integrated into CFP, the final release of CMF is due this month, and also I believe integration this month too! So that would mean CFP 3.1 will be avaliable :slight_smile:


lol right now hmmm. Avira(classic), Avast home, CMG, BOclean, CA Anti Virus(waiting for subscription to run out), superantispyware, A Squared, and spyware terminator, and firefox…

I think that’s it…

and runs Fast and safe