What is your best and worst life experience?

Hi everyone.
Our worst- Being told by Doctors after my wife had numerous miscarriages that we might never become parents due to a genetic problem.
Our best- Finding a Professor that had a work around for the genetic problem, and our precious little Daughter will be two in November.
I hope everyones best out weighs the worst as ours did. Kind regards to everyone.

Way too personal to speak about such. Even|Especially with closest people. IMO

:-TU What a miracle (:s*), welldone you and your wife withstood. Best wishes to your family and especially to little Daughter (:WIN)

Totally understandable about some things being to personal. Thank you for the nice comments. Best wishes and Kind regards back to you and your Family.

Thank you :-TU

Best things:
My wife
Birth of my sons
Birth of my grandchildren

Worst things:
Too personal, but the good outweighs the bad by a large margin. :slight_smile:

Hi captainsticks

I’ll join SS26 re: the answer & sure – sincerely - all best wishes to you and yours!

Well, November is coming …
… you’ll have all excuses possible to spent less time with Comodo issues :smiley:

Cheers man! ;D

Best wishes returned back, and yes on that day I think the power button might have a padlock on it.Thanks for the reply. Kind regards.

Thanks. It is good to hear that good outweighs bad most of the time, Kind regards to you and your family.

The best: When we upgraded from dial-up to DSL.

The worst: When our DSL connection stopped working.