What is you New Year's Resolution for 2011

Being already in the older age bracket for having a little Girl my New Year’s Resolution is to once again try to give up smoking and hope to live longer to watch her grow up.

Job, and Job, and Umm get a job? lol
Basically Just need to get a job then i’ll be alright.

All the best Jacob hope something comes your way,I’m sure it will. Good Luck.

Me too I’ve been out of work for 12 months :‘( :’( since I lost my job during the down turn in 2009, and I’m still fighting very hard but sometime we’re fighting for a job for to long ya might as well go bloody nuts let all hope 2011 will turn us around but for how bloody long is the real question.

To SpeedyPC, Good Luck and hope 2011 treats you well and some work to come your way. You are right about how long for, 'cause things do seem to be getting tougher. Lets all get together to make the world a better place somehow in 2011.

:-\ :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Almost same here >:-D Went away from my last job half a month ago. More precisely to say: illness which lasts till today “went me away”

What a job was: work-till-you-fall-down-like thing >:-D
This time i’ll find smth (much) less exhausting.

As for New Year’s Resolution i’ll keep it secret until work is done and goal is achieved

No worries, you’ll have more than enough extra years to watch your …grandchildren grow up :-TU I suppose it will be so (:WIN)

To SS26. Lets hope 2011 is better for you and I hope jobs, health and goals all work out for you in 2011. Thanks and Kind regards.

Thank U