What is writing CIS on my HDD?

Hi, once a week , thanks Defraggler, I discovered that CIS is writing 6 hours (!!) very hard and very intensive on my hdd, in the path:
programm data/…quarantine/temp.

(my quarantine looks blank in CIS interface).
its normal?
why once a week?
and why for a very long time?
can I turn my pc off?
last week I leaved it and CIS stopped writing after 6 hours!!

here what is happening (but so long time??):
as it were an upgrade…

thanks for explanations. I am a bit worried.

I’m wondering if this is related to Cache Builder and / or Cleaner

See this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/cache-builder-t90735.0.html;msg654291#msg654291

See this cited - albeit for v6.3 - On-line Help doc: Real-time Scanner Settings

It appears to be a scanning optimization technology. Since I NEVER scan, I’ve turned it off. I have real-time scanning set to Stateful. So any image access post A/V defs updates gets scanned on initial access since A/V def update. Subsequently its never scanned on any access. I rely on HIPS D+ to alert me that whatever arbitrary image may have been changed; nothing can be accessed or modified without the something doing that having access permissions to do so. So, to me, the whole scheduled - or even manual - scanning issue is moot.

Besides, whenever something IS scanned, the last access date is altered, and THAT upsets my defrag disk-layout scheme, i.e., sorting files based on last access date becomes a moot point if EVERY file on the drive suddenly has the same last accessed date-time stamp.

once a week.
here a few samples:

not good for my hdd. 6 hours writing!
how to avoid this bad behaviour? thanks.
can I shutdown the PC?
very strange…
PS: ok today I leave it running for hours and hours (as the past week), but then I hope to resolve this embarrassing behaviour caused by CIS quarantine (empty).

45 minutes after, my HDD is still working very hard with CIS:

and 5-6 hours later (but now I go sleeping) all the files will disappear and ok until next sunday.

If it’s writing only once per week, you may want to check your Task Scheduler to see if something shows up in there that would account for a weekly action.

If indeed this occurs merely on a weekly basis, then I’d posit it is indeed a scheduled event. Check in A/V config for schedulated scans, configure or disable per your preferences.

Secondly, examine Windows Scheduled Tasks manager for clues…

Thanks on both users, much appreciated. Now I serach about scheduled tasks (not scheduled by me, perhaps by default?)
a full scan requires 45 minutes, so its strange that a scheduled task employes at least 3 hours!
Ok I will try it.

By default I believe there’s an A/V scan or two that are scheduled to run. I don’t just disable them, I outright remove them.

I am not allowed to remove it, because if I click Remove, I become this message:
“you are not allowed to remove because it is a default profile”.

Why not simply select the scheduled task, and tell it not to schedule it (ie disable that task)?
This is an option in the scheduler

Yes, I did so. Now I wait for next sunday night.
A doubt: if the “issue” is due to the scheduled complete scan, why CIS stops writing in the quarantine/temp folder after intensive 3-5 hours instead after intensive “normal” 45 minutes ( = the time required by a complete scan) ?

Another strange behaviour
what is it? it remains fixed at 30%

pause? stop? finish?

Where is that display? From what I can grok - based on my knowledge of ancient Roman from 40 years ago in 6th grade Roman History unit in social studies - some database is being updated.

Which leads me to believe this is Cache Builder / Cleaner.