What is with the 6.3 update?!!?

Hi All,

As the title may suggest I’m having issues with the latest update (6.3, or at least that is the version my system updates to before all hell breaks loose).

The update seems to cause a two problems on my system, to be absolutely clear NONE of these problems were present before the update and BOTH of these problems were solved when I removed CIS (free edition).

The first of such problems is that the program seems to severely reduce the performance of my machine, so much so that I cannot highlight multiple shortcuts on the desktop without encountering lag. The second is that the drop down menus in the program are invisible, no text, no grey background, nothing! and even worse this issue has a tenancy to spread to all of the drop down menus on native applications(applications that aren’t web apps). This invisible menu bug make the program pretty much unusable as it automatically quarantines a load of files and the option to un-quarantine them is invisible so I cannot undo it.

Both the performance issue and the fact I cannot use drop down menus any more has meant I have had to uninstall comodo and switch to Microsoft security essentials which is a pretty dire substitute compared to comodo.

So whats causing these problems? and how can I rectify them?

PC specs below:

AMD Quad Core -4100 3.6GHz
Asus Raedon 7770 HD graphics card
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit



It looks like something went wrong with the installation of the update. Please try a clean install and see if that brings a solution. When reinstalling CIS please follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable and clean starting point.

Don’t forget to export your active configuration if you want to use it again in the new installation.