What is Wga.Tray.exe...? [Resolved]

Sorry to bother you but, since this morning I have that alert :" suspicious … Wga.Tray.exe"
If I remember well I did not have it before; you know what it means?.It is something about Windows system .
First I did allow it to go thru but now I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake!
I’m very new to Comodo Firewall , I like it .
Thanks a million,
Excuse my english , I’m french from Canada and there is almost nothing in the french forum, so… I’d rather ask here. (CLY)

Here is the screenshot :

[attachment deleted by admin]

wga is windows genuine advantage validation tool http://support.microsoft.com/kb/892130 it checks to see if your copy of windows is legal more info here Windows Genuine Advantage - Wikipedia if you have problems with wga thay have a forum http://forums.microsoft.com/genuine/default.aspx?siteid=25 :slight_smile:

(:LOV) Thank you very much…
I was not sure at all…It came on screen often today, muts be because, nor being sure I did not apply “remember my answer”

Thanks and have a good week! (L)

Good work, lurkingatu2


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