what is virtual mode?

Hi, I have just d/l the latest version of dragon and noticed a “switch to virtual mode” option. I clicked on this and it just closed my browser. Is this a bug? or not active yet? or maybe I need cis v6 for this to work?? (using 5.12 at moment).
Any clarification would be appreciated

What it is supposed to do is open Comodo Dragon in a virtualized environment (sandbox) and I think it needs CIS 6 to work however I am not sure.

Hello! It only works with version 6. It’s just a virtual environment for browsing (safer compared to normal).

Why have it within the browser itself when you can just click the icon in the widget…?..Not everyone will be using CIS 6 so this setting is pointless.

Ok thanks all for the clarification…I had a sneaky feeling I would need V6 for this to work :slight_smile:

Yes, requires CIS 6 per CD help; so useless without CIS 6 installed: