Checked my homescreen for my comodo firewall, and saw a blocked intrusion, looked t the tab, and it said
scanned and found safe

The only things I can find on the webs that contain (msidac) are various deep links to some artsy photo’s, and a cisco router related setting. Searching Virustotal did not even return a result…

Probably a randomly generated name.

so what does that mean?? is it malware???
I’m posting one screenshot. It includes the file from the original post, but there are also others like the toshiba app place, and synaptics that im concerned over…so please review this screenshot.

Ok, before reading this post please read the post directly above too.

Something really weird is going on, just checked my blocked intrusions and there are more now…This has never happened… Tons of random apps are showing up…is my computer infected?

CIS v6 really hates my AMD ATI. I have no ■■■■ clue what its problem is.

I love CIS v6 but stop hatin on AMD ATI.


not to be rude, but what does that have to do with my thread?

That does not look safe to me. If related, the tmp could be used a backup to the file you see running. For example, you delete TODDSrv.exe and the virus then copies the tmp to the exe and it appears again. Trying to keep its grip. Try running HerdProtect

which part doesnt look safe? i posted a lot of stuff lol. I havent gotten any more of those blocked intrusions, and malwarebytes, avast, and superantispyware have come back clean…not sure what herdprotect is anyway lol.

tried scanning with herd protect but it won’t let me scan…