What is this? (The Shield Firewall 5.0)

Any new comments from Comodo bout this? ???

oh the melodrama…please.

Forgive me (:-[) for this off topic post:

Every time I see the title “What is this” I come to think of Ozzy Osbourne singing that line (+ “that stands before me”), in the song Black Sabbath, of Black Sabbath. I even sing it myself when I read this line. 8)



I’m just curious to see how things are going on this!

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Comodo are in discussion with them on this. It’s only been three days since they announ ced they would look deeper - give them a bit of time. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:


They have every legal right to license their propretary code for commercial gain. The fact that they have chosen to distribute their firewall for free to end users, does not, in any manner, obligate any licensee of their code to continue giving it away for free. Under Australian law, this is held true as the licensed components are proprietary information, written, developed, owned and copyrighted by Comodo (in several commercial guises) and Comodo (in their several guises) can set the terms for the distribution, licensing and re-distribution of said code, or fragments thereof. In fact, they can set different licensing terms for each instance of the code that is licensed.

The licensee is not marketing the firewall containing the licensed code as “Comodo Firewall Pro” are they?

A product called “Comodo Firewall Pro” is still available for free from http://personalfirewall.comodo.com, isn’t it?

Spend six years, do a law degree, then come back and speak with some authority.

What is certain is Misinformation Melih has known from the beginning what the whole truth is. However, he comes out with this:
let me investigate this further..

thanks for the heads up guys


It will be interesting to see what happens now.

Now we could be heading into interesting legal grounds. :wink:

YAWN. Can someone please wake me when this becomes rational?


so far the info:

background: they are licensing our engine from us (yes they pay too… well bloody worth it imo :slight_smile: )

new info: what was reported about them in this forum about they are a malware provider etc etc…

our reaction: oh dear… lets check this further…

our results so far: so far our investigation reveals that they are legitimate entity (which backs up our original investigation on them prior to signingi), legal entity, BBB member, has similar deals with other security firms etc etc.



All of us can remeber how the toolbar of COMODO was considered “spyware”, and a lot of people considered COMODO a rogue company.
Perhaps, here is the same.

we are still investigating further…

however so far all i have is the above info…


Sad to see that COMODO sold out it’s firewall to such “no tradicions” company :cry: Oh well, money is money :-\

Commodus you are making assumptions without a shred of information. :-TD

Try a bit of patience. Melih is looking into it isn’t he?

Nobody is hiding anything here!

James it’s hard not to make assumptions with all the information people have about that company.

¿money is money? I think that credibility is more valuable than money in this case. COMODO is not only the best Firewall but the best FREE Firewall with a community of loyal users. Licensing CFP to Pcsecurityshield is not the smartest decision to improve the company.

legitimate entity, legal entity, and BBB members: in this case that say nothing except they exist… that`s all.

I am very disappointed to see this move. They have the SAME CFP screen shots on their webpage?

Melih, Did you sell them THE WHOLE PRODUCT? Oh lord… This is bad! NOT GOOD FOR COMODO!


The only problem I have with this is that Comodo really should have insisted on a visually different GUI, so as to completely differentiate CFP from their licensed product.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That’s a darn good price for a life time subscription. Plus they give free technical support, great for people that have a hard time describing their problem, or a business that needs support NOW as opposed to posting on a forum.

The funny bit is that the price is $19.99 and they say within the “Firewall comparison chart” that their firewall “Cost under $20”.

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It seems that at some point you were misinformed; some clarification:



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