What Is This Stuff on Security Policies? Mysterious

This stuff showed up in my browser as soon as I logged into my forum account tonight. I am an ordinary forum user, no elevated privileges, and this was highly unexpected. It seems to be self-identified as an image, a PNG image. I upload 98.1 KB - - -

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t if I am the only one, but I can’t view the PNG, seems the file is corrupted.


corrupted image


Please accept my apologies. The image was corrupted.

It consisted of about 15-25 lines of type, relating to nothing obvious but had words and some numbers, looked like maybe part of a script in some language, indented lines, and colors on some of the, what I will speak of as, " words," and it invaded my monitor when I logged into this forum last night. I clicked on it, and I got a notification that it was a PNG image. I used Context menu to Save the image, and after I saved it, I tried to put it into My Pending Files with the Add button there, intending to submit the file for analysis. But, the Add button doesn’t work in my Comodo IS client at present. Next, I tried to insert it into this Forum window as you saw. I located it in Windows Explorer (file manager, not IE), and was chagrined to find that it wouldn’t open in Windows Previewer and Irfanview. I am ready for Moderator to kill this thread now, the phenomenon has not been seen again.

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