what is this port?

My would be Spouse recommended a scan
i clicked the link but not understand why i am not stealth
anyways i using Comodo firewall alpha want to know am i safe ???

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Are you behind a router?

If so, if you dont have the scanned ports forwarded to your PC then the results you can see are the port status on your router, not on your PC. This can usually be confirmed by checking the IP address that was scanned.

Ewen :slight_smile:


No am not using Router and have services disabled like telnet (which uses port 22? ) and i want to know am i safe? or do i have to create a rule to be safe?

OK, more info required, please.

What is your connection to the internet - cable, DSL etc?
What brand and model of modem do you use (some of them can act as a router (of sorts))?
What is the URL of the port scanning site you used for this test?
Does it show the tested IP and if so, is the IP the same as the IP currently in use on your PC?

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Telnet uses port 23, whereas the screenshot of your report shows port 22 (SSH - secure remote connection) as being open.