what is this annoying update thing??

I know you moved one thread asking the same, i ask again anyway:
what is all that fuzz about getting update messages? Is it too much for the
admins of this forum to put a sticky here to clarify what´s that all about?

I don´t make an update for a crummy signatures update list, so please
will anyone of Comodo´s crew be so kind a give some clear information
of what is exactly included in that update, which makes itself seem so very
important? Maybe it is a decent update, so we can consider updating.


Hi abr,

Are you asking how to disable automatic updates?

Comodo checks every so many hours if new signature’s are avail.
To better detect known virus’s.


Well, for that there should be single settings, like they used to be in the AV.
The general update should, in my opinion, offer only version updates.

They made an update to the trusted vendor list that wiped out the majority of the list. (Through the normal method of updating the TVL along with the virus definitions) The latest update is repopulating the list. I can only assume that for whatever reason, this was not possible through the normal method, otherwise it would have been invisible to the users.