What is this?? And How do I eliminate it >

When trying to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader (still have 9.0 and 9.2 in the Program Folder and am unable to completely delete because of locked files) Shockwave and Flash Players. Not sure what is the best sequence to install.

But in going to MSConfig to stop Adobe from running I found the following files in the startup tab. Look at the bottom 5 programs eliminating the quick time file.

After I unchecked I would get at least 4 requests looking for them after I set MSConfig for normal Startup now the files cannot be found, nor do I know how to type them to eliminate them from the registry,

Thanks for your information and Help


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You didn’t give us full location of the startup items, so it would be best to use Autoruns for finding out what that entries are. You can also do a scan with MBAM if you suspect on malware.

it would be best to use Autoruns for finding out what that entries are
I would follow what "deadman" said

Are the locked adobe registry keys preventing you from uninstalling it??
Are you using windows XP?
What are those werid oddball shapes in the picture ???

deadman and Jay,

Use MBAM all the time, it is my backup scanner and Super AntiSpyware is my secondary backup scanner, would like to find 2 more. Used to use SpywareDoctor (only the one found in Google Pack )

Not sure if these are files or just registry keys? They were not there last fall or summer, that was the last time I used MSConfig.

The image says they are a part of NT ?

What is strange is that when I unticked these in MSConfig and restarted I received 4 messages that a registry key was calling for them, after I reticked them and rebooted to normal StartUp I again get messages that Registry Keys not found.

Besides these registry keys, there are quite a few more items found AutoRuns that show “Not Found” and did not know if it would be safe to untick. I know sometimes empty folders are used as bookmarks, and thought possibly the same might hold true for registry keys?

Here is the image of AutoRun Load

Thanks to both of you for your help,

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you seem to be infected. try to scan with hitman pro otherwise you can try to use bootable cd

Valentin N

Most likely not at all

That was discussed here before (cannot find it in a hurry, sorry)

  • you should never use MSConfig in order to prevent items from loading at Windows start.
    MsConfig is strictly diagnostic Tool, and not intended to be used for that purpose.

The registry troubles possibly occurred because of that

You can try to re-enable everything you used MsConfig to disable, but I am not sure that you’ll be successful at this stage.

My regards

p.s. in addition you can read some articles out there re: the matter e.g. Why You Should not Use Msconfig to Edit the Startup Files and alike

Hi Again SiberLynx,

Did not plan on editing via MSConfig but only only to keep items from loading at Start, a diagnostic tool.
But no results except those registry calls.

Still do not know IF these were Microsoft files or from another program?
Also since in AutoRun they are not found, can I remove them from there? And as I had asked, there are several other files “Not Found” in AutoRun Everything. What is Recommended (Windows Files or NOT listed)
as for as removal ?

In another area someone else thought I might be infected and recommended HitMan Pro, CCE, and Norton Power Eraser.
Only used PowerEraser and am very suprised that the 2 files were not recognized as they are from several years ago.

TCPIP.Sys is from SpeedGuide and was to allow a user to take off the Microsoft limitation of only 10 1/2 Open ports.
Upchcleanhlp.sys is a Microsoft file from User Profile Hive Cleaner. Need to update that anyway!

Still waiting from Adobe about my Flash Player Problem, and hoping Vadym and his programmers solved the other problem. I think it is an anomily with Dragon as it works with IE8 as default.

Again Suggestions about CCE, and HitManPro.

Thanks to you and everyone for their suggestions

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Could you post here HiJackThis log?

Here is the HijackThis Log

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Fix both F3 entries and this one: O4 - HKLM..\Run: [AlcxMonitor] ALCXMNTR.EXE

Hi UncleDoug,

Basically if “not found” - nothing you can do at the moment except:

  • save those entries for further investigation , if needed;
  • you may try to remove using Autorun, but again it is necessary to know what those are. Not all are needed and that is not uncommon thing to find those, but some (meaning the Software they belong to) could be recovered in the future

If that is TCPIP.Sys properly patched in the past - nothing to worry about.
Better use XP-Antispy in any case

As for MS Uphclean I am using it for a long time, but I don’t have <>.sys file ??? … have to look deeper into that

I’m not using Dragon, but since it’s works with other browser(s) …
At the same time the Adobe Flash installation/reinstallation goes perfectly for a long time already. I hope you know all links . Please ask if needed

Definitely the latter is better done by Adobe than uninstalling/reinstalling the Reader which could be big pain in the ***

Actually many people are still using the discontinued “Windows Installer CleanUp Utility” for that I used that in the past and succeeded in many cases
Sure you have too be careful and read instructions.
One of the links alive is http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Secure-cleaning/Windows-Installer-CleanUp-Utility.shtml


deadman I no longer get the errors when I reboot. Still wonder where those keys came from? Thanks

Wondered about deleting all the other Not Found Autorun Everything (Windows files excluded) which should I keep and which can go, Wondered if I can use Autorun to remove them or any other suggestion!
Or can CCE do this. Also found several Drivers not Found?


Are the locked adobe registry keys preventing you from uninstalling it?? Are you using windows XP?

Both locked keys and files, In Program Files sub folder Adobe there still are folders for versions 9.0 and 9(2).0 and in those are two Identy files Under C-Map for Identity-H and Identity-V. Not sure about the various registry keys when I tried to delete everything Adobe?

What are those werid oddball shapes in the picture

Not sure what odd shapes On the desktop? Icons such as Open Office or Cowan Media (jetAudio), CDBurnerXP ?

At the bottom were the options for MSPaint.

Flash Player is still acting up in IE8, next step is to uninstall IE8 Clean and reinstall.

Thanks for the Help


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deadman, Thank You the errors on boot have been eliminated. Still wonder what program it was from?

SyberLynx, I will just wait to clean out those Registry Keys and Drivers that “Are Not Found” by AutoRun;
I would like to clean them up, but Safely


Locking this thread since the original prioblem here is resolved.