What is the sytem tray Icon supposed to be?

For the life of me, I can’t make out what the new tray icon for v 4.23 is supposed to be. Please put me out of my misery and give me a clue!

Melih explained somewere that it is a monitor with a brush in front (:WIN)

You will get a better idea if you look here :


Greetz, Red.

Hi Red

Looking (closely at the packshot on your link and the graphic on BoClean’s menu I can see a resemblance now! The logo’s a bit too subtle for a small icon, though, I think.

Yes, I thought it was a joystick at first. Couldn’t figure out why. (:LGH)

To smash the bugs (:TNG)

Greetz, Red.

To me, it looks like a computer screen wearing a headset.

What is it supposed to be a picture of?

Not criticizing, just wondering.