What is the purpose of the Comodo Internet Security default rule?

Is this the rule that allows Comodo to look up OK apps while running the firewall in safe mode?

It appears to me this rule allows all outbound and blocks everything else.

Where should this rule be located positionally in the application rule set or does position matter?

I am somewhat confused as to why Comodo does not have a block all rule at the end of all rules or is this rule implied?

The Firewall rule relates to the equivalent D+ section (see pics) It allows updates for CIS.

The block you can see only relates to that specific rule.

There is no default ‘block all’ rule as it is implied. Basically if there an application or service does not have a rule, it cannot communicate.

If you think about the way the firewall works you can see this:

Application —> Application Rule —> Global rule —> Internet

Internet —> Global Rule —> Application rule —Application

Hope this helps

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Thanks, Toggie.

I am only running the firewall. I do not have Defense+ selected. The rules that appear in my setup are the ones shown in the cis.png screenshot.

Do I have to add the rules shown in cis2.png to the ones in cis.png to receive auto updates from Comodo? I have had Comodo installed for two weeks and do not think I have received any updates to it.

What updates are you referring to? AV updates or program updates? Do you get an error message when trying to update?

I haven’t tried to update manually. I thought Comodo would automatically update at pre-determined intervals?

Do I have to update manually?

Is an update an update, or is it actuallly a reinstall as exsits in Online Armor Personal free firewall? That really turned me off.

Since I didn’t install AV or any Defense + stuff, I should not be getting updates for those components - correct?

The settings that control are under the Miscellaneous\settings tab. Update is automatic update is enabled by default.

If you are using 509 and have the AV disabled, there will not be any updates at this time. When a version change occurs you do not have to reinstall, it normally requires a reboot, however.