What is the latest 'auto-update' version? [Solved]

Today (when in a limited user account) comodo popped up saying updates were available, and aksed if I wanted to install now. I clicked ‘No’ so I could log onto an administrator account first.

Logged off, onto an admin account and told CIS to check for updates… and it reports no new updates available. I’m running 3.8.65951.477. Is this the most recent version that the program will auto-update to? (I know there is the 3.9RC but I don’t think it auto updates to that)

Basically, if you are running .477 and tell it to check for updates should it find any or not?

Did anyone else have CIS report available updates today? Perhaps it was just a glitch on their end.

Yes, this is the latest public version that CIS will update to.