What is the impact of Comodo Backup in system?

Hi! :slight_smile:

I have been reading various topics concerning “Comodo Backup”, and will be installing it soon. But I would like to know what is the impact of Comodo Backup in my PC, if I use the synchronize function and incremental backups. What is the memory usage, the “weight” of Comodo Backup, etc?

I think that “synchronize” function saves/edit/delete or create each file I edit, at “real time”. Is that correct?

Can I use the solution in an AMD Semprom 2800 MHZ with 512 Mb RAM DDR 400, without crashes my system, or loose performance?

Thank you for all your help, and for the great Comodo Solutions! (:CLP)


I have not yet made use of these features in Backup, but I know that the Backup Service has not yet pulled any significant memory usage on my computer so far. It just sits there quietly running in the background…

My best advice is to try it and see what happens. In general, many users have different experience with different softwares, just based on their specific system setup.


Hi Little Mac,

I understood. Thank you! :slight_smile:

So, I will install Comodo Backup and test it.