What is the firewall installing so often?

Hi ! I’m new here and not a techie. My question - at least twice per day Comodo Firewall (version 5.xxx) tries to install something with the extension/description ‘THEME’. It shows up as ‘xxxxyyyydddxxxx.THEME’ (the x,y, d etc. are various letters and numbers). What is it trying to install and why is it necessary so frequently?
I’m very curious about this. Anyone has an explanation?


That’s truly odd. Are you using a non standard theme for CIS.v5? Notice that themes used on v4 are not working right on v5. If you are looking for themes for CIS v5: https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/cis-5-themes-t60739.0.html .

Is this a clean installation of v5? Did you update from v4 or did you import a configuration of v4?

This was a clean installation as I downloaded it from the Comodo website. I don’t really know about Themes, so I was not intentionally using anything other than the default that comes with the package. I’ve since downloaded and (clean) installed version 5-0-163652-1142 about 2 days ago. I got the ‘theme installation’ only twice since then.

I think I just need to be reassured that its nothing nefarious that may have attached itself to my computer that is trying to misuse installed software.

Thanks for your help.

Les CIS run Diagnostic (look under More) and see what it reports and if it thinks it can fix it in case it finds something.