What is the exact difference between CIS Free and CIS PRO?[Closed]

Here is my understanding. Am I correct?

With the CIS Pro
Remote PC Tune-Ups
Remote Virus Removal
Remote Installation
24/7 Chat support
For the above you must be registered with the Comodo servers as having paid the $39.00 fee

Trust connect - For this you must be registered in the Comodo VPN Proxy Database for this to happen you mus have paid the $39.00 fee
For all these services Comodo must have record of receiving your $39.00 payment on their servers. It is basically uncrackable


Yes thats the only difference. Essentially PRO, allows for COMODO to have a hands on experience with you.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. Just wanted to double check and make sure I was not giving wrong Info

My thread wll be closed in 24 hours.

X (Formally OD)