What is the difference between the rules Trusted Application and

Web Browser? I can see the difference in the Global rule, however, not sure what behavioral difference it is. I have anti-malware applications listed as Trusted Applications. Is the difference basically semantics? Thank You!

If you go to firewall/advanced/predefined security policies:

Web browsers are allowed to make outbound connections only to specific ports using specific protocols
Trusted applications are allowed to make inbound and outbound connections anywhere using any protocols (act as servers, unlimited privileges)

OK, thank you! The anti-malwares were quite capable of updating with the “Web Browser” global rule so it would seem that is the safer choice for any program.

Yes, the idea of having a very configurable firewall like Comodo is that it allows you to allocate just the necessary privileges to a program-but if you want to just use the default, it will still work with good security, If you cut it too fine, though, you end up constantly revising your rules. Security as a hobby is just not my thing, :wink: