What is the differance between paid comodo IS and FREE version?

I have talked to a TECH BUDDY via comodo’s interface. I own comodo IS free and they have told me that the paid version consists of more better signature or data base files for detected malware. is that true?

If the free version does not contain more of the AV data base or sigs for viruses then why would you use it anyway?
I once found virus with free version of comodo and when it deleted it in free version the FILE came back and it keeps happening again and again. Then I used free file splitter to split the malware detected file and searched each split piece individually. However, comodo did find the 3rd piece a virus but even if the filw was split comodo cleaned it and the file came back. What to do then if I don’t have money for full version of comodo IS?
whats the difference between comodo clean essentials, internet security and comodo antivirus only? how about buissness security free version vs internet security

all versions of CIS offer the same amount of protection the only difference is the paid versions have extra paid software subscriptions such as geekbuddy, trustconnect, cloud storage and virus free guarantee.

comodo cleaning essentials is meant to clean already infected computers, CIS is meant to keep an already clean computer clean.

comodo antivirus comes with the antivirus and defense +. CIS will have the antivirus firewall and defense +

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