What is the competitive advantage of Comodo Backup over other services

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I was testing CB. I have Mozy and Windows Live Mesh working in background.
I wish to discuss (know and learn) the competitive advantages of CB.
Mozy is free (2Gb). Mesh is free (5Gb). Idrive is free (2Gb). There are others also free.
CB is not free.

Some comparison charts:


The software is free. The online storage is not.

tech if your talkin online backup then the advantage of those others is that its free(2-5 gb)
now in my opinion the comodo backup(not online)desperatly needs a rescue disk(emergency disk)like macrium or paragon and those are free also.i think with comodo backup if you cant boot to windows you must restore windows install comodo backup and then restore your image,thats way to much.if it had a disk just pop it in and restore from your image just like the others.

Ok. I was talking about the storage.
Mozy and Idrive storage are free. Windows Mesh storage is also free.

All others are on line backups (with free storage)… Comodo Online Backup is paid…
I want to know which would be a reason to buy it…

thats what i ment.i think with getting the other ones for free there would be no reason to purchase it plus they do the same thing.now if you buy cis complete i believe you get some online storage with it?

Yes. You receive one year of online storage (I think 2Gb).

If you buy CIS complete it includes 10 GB storage free. That compares to $20 for 10gb if you buy seperately. Also note that CIS complete is $10 more than pro which does not inclue storage, so in effect you are paying $10 for 10gb of storage, plus you get the theft guarantee if you live in USA included.

I currently use idrive which due to various referals racked up a total of 12GB free of charge, but I think the basic is 5gb free, or perhaps just 2gb now.


Nice topic :). It’s good that you brought it up.

For now, I can only tell you that we are working round the clock to release the brand new service Comodo Online Storage, which means storage space(you’ll love what we are preparing for you) and means of accessing it.

On the other hand Comodo Backup will be also released and will be more focused on his job, that of backing up anything and restoring anytime/anywhere!

I hope this clears it up a little bit. We’ll be back with more info soon.

Though this seems interesting, it will take a lot to separate me from Wuala. Free sync, backup, sharing, groups, optional file system integration, and (potentially) unlimited storage (you can “trade” disk space for more online space, and use multiple PCs).

(Um…If you want to start out with some extra space, and give me some too, create an account with this link. :P)

Do you have any rough estimate as to a public release (alpha, beta, RC, etc)?

Please do tell more! pokes Andrei with Cattle Prod

I’ll be avle to tell you more as we get close to release. Not much to wait anyway:).


I am personally not too happy with any data storage service that is literally in the cloud. I prefer to know exactly where it is stored so that I know the data protection policies of that country are acceptable, and that the company providing the service is liable under law to protect that data.

Any company offering storage wherever in the cloud cannot guarantee or enforce data protection laws if the customer data is stored in a third party country.

That is why I am not yet using Comodo Online Storage neither La Clie, but I am sure that many other people are happy to have their data in the cloud.

I am glad to make you happy: for private data, only the encrypted version is stored in the cloud. If you make it public, of course, then LaCie needs the unencrypted version to give out. But for private data, the only way to download it is to use their Java applet, put in your password, and have it decrypted locally.