What is the CIS.tip file?. [SOLVED]

Using CIS v4.779 on Win XP Home SP3. I got a pop up saying updates were available so I downloaded it and it installed and then asked me to reboot. On reboot I found that I still have the same version number running ie v4.0.138377.779 so came here but could see no mention of updates. After checking the Comodo folder in Program Files I found that a file called cis.tip was the only file in there which had updated at the specific timepoint I cannot say if it is a new or just updated file. Can anyone tell me what this file is and why it updated when there is no mention of an available update at these forums thanks.

Edit: topic closed, let me know if you want to re-open it. (Arkangyal)

It’s the file that contains random tips that’s supposed to be displayed on the GUI’s Summary screen. Apparently it’s not displaying on mine 88). I knew this because I opened it with Notepad.

Thanks for that Soyabean.