What is the boot.ini.COMODOFIREWALL file for?

I noticed that in C:\ I have a boot.ini.COMODOFIREWALL file that is exactly the same as my boot.ini file. Why? Can the boot.ini.COMODOFIREWALL filel be removed. I know you have to have a boot.ini file for your system to boot.


During the installaton of the firewall, a copy of your current BOOT.INI is taken and stored as BOOT.INI.COMODOFIREWALL. If the installatin fails for whatever reason, this file is used to rollback the changes.

As such, you CAN remove it, but given its tiny size, I usually recommend that users leave it there as a fall back. In case your system ever goes pear shaped, this is at least one thing you can easily recover to start the restore process.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: