What is the biggest files that can be submitted from "Submit Suspicious Files"

I have a zip files contain around 385 suspicious files. Files size is around 20MB. How can they be submitted to AV Lab?

(it was terminated by Comodo "Submit Suspicious Files ", I try several times.)

Hi WinBMY,

Upload the zip file password “infected” to RapidShare and submit the link to malwaresubmit[at]avlab.comodo.com with Subject “SUSPICIOUS FILE SUBMISSION”

If your going to do it constantly, you can join the Malware Research Group and post malware there all you like, Comodo AV Analysts watch that board on a daily basis.


Removed Infected Link. Please don’t post malicious links, attached malware, etc in this board. To do this, you can join the Malware Research Group. - Deadly Pawn
Please see above link.

Thanks for malware submission. We are going to have a look at it and if found malware, detection will be added.