what is the best way for me to set the rules?

hi, i’m not very computer smart, so if someone could help me by maybe explaining how to fix this like you would to a 10 year old child, id greatly appreciate it. anyways, i’ve had comodo installed on my computer by someone, and they had the rules all set, but i accidentally deleted the last one which was block tcp/udp from any source ip to destination something. i don’t remember what it was. so i did block any ip source to any destination and now my internet is whack and it wont stream movies off of youtube for example. im pretty sure it was cuz i set it like that. what’s the best way to set all the rules? cuz i will never figure it out myself


Before you do anything else, you will need to delete the rule you created. Be careful that you are only deleting the rule you created and not one of the other rules. Once this is gone, you will need to recreate the rule in the Network Monitor with the following parameters;

Action : BLOCK
Direction : IN
Protocol : IP
Source IP : ANY
Destination IP : ANY
IP Details : ANY

This newly created rule needs to be moved to the bottom of the list. It MUST be the last rule.

I suspect that your internet is snafu because the rule you have created is A) set to a direction of IN/OUT and B) at the top of the list and is blocking everything.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: