What is the best version of Comodo Internet Security Software?

Thanks in advance.

the program itself is allways the same.

but you can buy extra service (like 24/7 possible remote support). when you just want a very good firewall and a very good defense+, you are good to go with the comodo internet security version without any added services.

in tests it is in front of the others around :wink:

you pay for extra services. you dont pay for better protection!


So, what’s the difference between Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 and Comodo Internet Security Complete 2011?

the very good basic product (free)

Comodo Antivirus Cleans Malware

Comodo Firewall Protection

Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection

Auto Sandbox Technology™

the pro version includes additional services (for around 40 euros)
Internet Security Pro 2011 includes extra features like Wi-Fi security, a Virus Free Guarantee* ([not outside the usa, and it has some behaviour exceptions as basic]) and support which provides you with the next generation of computer support services 24/7. (copied from the home page)

the complete version gives a bit more (---------) (for 70 euros)

TrustConnect™ Wi-Fi Data Encryption

Online Backup Stores Critical Files ------------

Remote Security & System Support (maybe more than in pro version?)

Virus-Free Guarantee

ID Theft Protection Up To $15,000 --------------

(i am not sure if all this is valid in all countries)

an average user is fine with the free program itself, without any other services.


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the prices are for a year, i guess.

i just wrote what i found about this :slight_smile: