What is the best protection for CIS FREE please?

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I am thinking of giving Comodo Internet Security 10 FREE another try, but I have some questions first and I am hoping you can help. :slight_smile:

  1. Please can you tell me what the best setting is for CIS 10 FREE?
    Do I leave it on the default setting which is Comodo Internet Security or can I set it to Comodo Proactive Security?

  2. I am in the United Kingdom and I was wondering if Secure Shopping would protect all my personal information from key loggers and when I do online shopping?

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

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I use Proactive config + Cruelsisters settings, + my own modifications to make it more “friendly” for me since i play some “unknown” steam games.

I think this configuration it the best.
Comodo Firewall 10 Setup

Here is a test of different e-payment features (Secure Shopping included)

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Thank you so much for your reply, help and very helpful and useful information.
I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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