What is the benefit of this option "Do heuristic command-line analysis for cert"

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I have already mentioned in a story about that Comodo can not address the extensions VBS

Although there is an option exists for this issue



Is it really this option plays a role in the elimination of such worms :-TD

Why Comodo company based innovation techniques truly amazing, but not doing maintain the developed such that :

1- Cloud Scanners
2- Server camas.comodo.com (Many of the malware can not detect such that malware dawnloder)
3-heuristic (Does not detect a lot of viruses, unlike some protection programs such as NOD32
And also has a high rate of false discoveries)
4- antivirus for linux and mac (Barely there is an update to the rules of viruses)

I think that before thinking about inventing a new technology is the development of current techniques

CIS will solve the problem if the default sandbox level is set as “fully virtualized”.


fully virtualized Not a solution to the problem it solves a small part of the problem, for example, malware Rat in this case, can control the mouse and keyboard and full control, it is not a complete solution to the problem

the option “Do heuristic command-line analysis for certain applications” Is designed to solve such problems, But I see it is useless

As Chiron suggested in your other topic please make a wish topic to get the Partially Limited settings changed:

Posting a topic in the help board will not bring your wish to the attention of Comodo staff. It’s best to make a wish in the Wish board to be sure it gets seen.

Since you’re cross posting I am going to close this topic.