What is the average size of the virus databse update?

I’ve been using comodo since April, however since October I’ve noticed the virus updates to be massive. i’m using 3G and burning through a data bundle in 5 days, normally it lasted me close to a month. At this rate an price of data in SA I might as well buy a antivirus program with smaller updates

Surely don’t need a complete file everytime?

Any help?

It does not need the full database everytime. The database has grown approximately 3 mb since 18/09/2009, not too bad. What I am not sure is how much overhead is included in each update.


Please check Miscellaneous / About for virus database version as the updates should be small.


G’day JohnDough,

It’s hard to say what size the updates unless you measure them as they are downloaded.

For example, I just checked the size of the /scanners folder when it was at revision 2648 and ir reported a size of 107MB (112,813,898 bytes). After updating to revision 2654, it reported a size of 107MB (112,688,751 bytes) - a reduction of 125,147 bytes.

The reason it reduced, rather than increased, is because Comodo are introducing family signatures, where a single signature covers a range of related malware. As the family signatures are introduced into the database, the standalone signatures that formerly covered that family of malware are removed from the database.

If I can remember to record it during a download, I’ll post the actual download size here.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Actually the size of the database is not getting smaller at all. :-\ It was 101 MB, now it’s 106 and stays there for weeks.