What is Shared Space?

Hi, I have just installed “Comodo Firewall” for the first time and have an icon on my desktop called “Shared Space”. Could someone please explain what it is for, and do I need it?

[b]Open Shared Space[/b] - Opens the folder 'Shared Space' which is shared by your host operating system and the Virtual Kiosk. The folder is created by the Virtual Kiosk at the location 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Shared Space'. The folder can be opened in both your host operating system and inside the Virtual Kiosk, and enables to share files and applications between the OS and the Kiosk.

Source: Sandbox Tasks – An Introduction, Sandbox Computer Security | Internet Security v6.3 (scroll near the bottom)

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, I will have to read the article thoroughly to fully understand it and know how to use it.