What is setpwrcg.exe?

This keeps coming up as a threat when I scan my computer and I have tried to research it but can’t find anything solid. Should I remove it?


I’m doubting that it’s a windows file.
Upload it to

See what comes up. If it’s bad, remove it. OR If not sure what to do, then quarantine it. <—that way, if the computer goes crazy, you can always take it back out of quarantine :slight_smile:

Today I scanned the system with comodo & it found the same file C:\WINDOWS\setpwrcg.exe as heur.suspicious.

I searched with google & found that this file is related to Dell Power Management component. This file is safe. my system is Dell. whats yours??


Submit the file as a false positive here.

They’ll analyze it and send you an email with the results. This way you’ll know for sure.