what is sandbox?

hi. new comodo user here. limewire wont start. i believe i “sandboxd” it. how can i get it going? please help

The Comodo Sandbox is essentially an automated Defense+. It will deny any applications running in it many privileges, but to make it compatible with most software it must allow certain actions.

You probably did sandbox Limewire. Navigate to “My Own Safe Files”, which is in Defense+, and manually add the executable for Limewire to the safe files list. This should solve your problem.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Am I thinking correctly when I think that a trusted file is NOT sandboxed?
Why we don’t see a trusted file into the sandboxed processes?

Good point. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. It shouldn’t be possible to sandbox it unless you did it manually.

If you disable the sandbox part of CIS does Limewire start correctly?

Hmmm… I was not correcting you but asking a question…
I have Firefox sandboxed and it is not shown into the sandboxed processes.
Is it a bug of CIS 5 RC or it is not being sandboxed at all (as it is a trusted file)?

thanks for the info. ive tried to put in the trusted sites. also, ive put inside sandbox, and added .exe as a trusted site…we will see tomorrow.

Read Mouse1’s introduction to the sandbox. Url is in my signature.