What is Sandbox - Short and to the point please

Okay, I am probaby asking what some will think is a stupid question, but this Sandbox thing to me is still confusing. ???

I have looked at the various links to get info about it, but there is usually too much information. I would like to know is a short and sweet manner what is the Sandbox? I did activate it, but it seemed to cause more confusion for me than anything else. I thought it was for internet connection and that’s all. But it seemed like it was constantly querying me everytime I opened anything.

Could someone please state in as few words and as simply as possible what it is? I may have worked as a programmer, done PC tech support (even managing a unit), hold dual certification in IT asset management, but the Sandbox confuses me. I guess that’s what retirement can do to a person. 88)

It is a layer of protection that will prevent malware or rogue software from causing any harm to your system.

To add to John; s sandbox will isolate an application from the Operating System.

just watch this video, What Makes Comodo’s Technology Superior? - Comodo Blogs it will explain how the sandbox works in simple terms.