What is RM mode ?

Once in a while I get this event in Configuration Changes in Comodo Log Viewer:

Old Value: ON
New Value: OFF

Action: Obtion change
Subjet: Defence + : Suppress Alerts in RM mode

Modifier: User

See screenshot.

I know it is not me doing the change since the times on the viewer I have not been sitting in front of the PC, and I could not find the meaning of RM mode any where. Well at least it is not in " Search " or Comodo manual.

Some one knows ?


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Hi iroc9555,

That’s ‘Remote Management’ mode for CIS Endpoint protection managed over ESM.

Hi Ronny.

Thank for the answer.


What is ESM ( Endpoint Security Manager ) doing in my Cfw 5.8 free ? Is it not suppose to be for CIS primium ( with AV ) or for business companies ?


It’s a bug in the logging, if you ‘untick’ Defense+ ‘Do not show popup alerts’ it reports the same.
If CIS is not under control of ESM this should have been logged as LM which are not present in the language templates.

I’ll report them to the Translation team.


Thank you so much.