What is next?


After using Comodo Personal Firewall for more than 6 months, I can say that I’m very happy with it.

Why I not said excited or delighted with it!?
Well, this firewall is made like I want but still lacks some features, and on the next versions the developers will add features that doesn’t below to a firewall.

I already suggest a few and simple things that I really would like to see on it, but until now, nothing was made on that way…

These was what I suggested, some time ago:

11. I would like that the Comodo Personal Firewall have a module to protect us from the wireless threats, like the AirDefense Personal can protect. http://www.airdefense.net/products/adpersonal/index.php Posted by: VaMPiRiC_CRoW Status : Pending
  1. Network Monitor
  2. Give a name for a rule, to easy identify it.
  3. An option to enable/disable a rule from the list
  4. Instead of the Criteria column, add the source/destination port columns.
  5. Add support for more protocols (IGMP, ARP, RARP) (THIS COULD BE AVOIDED…)
  6. Add the feature to indicate the source/destination MAC Address, if wanted.
  7. Add the feature to choose the TCP flags…
  8. An option to associate the rule with all the network adapters, or only one!
  9. For easy understand and rule create, put all the definitions in one window, instead of have tab for source/remote ip and source/remote port. Something like CHX rule maker will be excellent:
  10. Selecting one log entry, add an option to the context menu, to open the dialog to create a rule with log details.
    Posted by: VaMPiRiC_CRoW
    Status : Pending

Adding to the above, I really lacks on CPF a good Log window with more info…
And Import/Export settings and rules…

Other users already made excellent suggestions, but we didn’t see the progress of them…

Also, the design isn’t so good and professional…
Some windows doesn’t have the same design and this is very unprofessional…

So, instead of adding useless features to a firewall, like Buffer Overflow and HIPS, why not making it more usable and easy to use for everybody?

If you want to have Buffer Overflow and HIPS protection, just make one program for that…

Hope you understand what I’m trying to say…


I understand what you mean…
Make the firewall “perfect” before you take it to the next step/level…
Personally I don’t mind a HIPS in it, as long as you can turn it off, but I wouldn’t start to cry if it was a separate download… (CHIPS) :wink:

I can understand Comodo too, and I’m sure you can as well.
They have come up with a really good firewall, and they are excited, to make it better and stay ahead of the other firewalls.
I’m getting, just like you, a little scared that it goes “too fast”, and there are a lot of examples of that, not just in software business.

I would also prefer that they fix the small glitches and bugs, that exist in the current version before implementing new things that will produce new bugs and conflicts with other software.

By the way, IGMP is already supported.

Unfortunately, it seems that “only” you understand me… :frowning:

Well, I’m a really understanding person… ;D

If that makes you happy, i agree with the above post ;D

Now I’m a more happy person!!! ;D

Please, make me more happy… :wink:

I understand you too VaMPiRiC_CRoW :slight_smile:

We are doing both

1)improving our current firewall
2)improving the Security of desktop in general

This is why you will see more fine tuning and improvements in the firewall as well as addition of new technologies like HIPS!

V3 will be a huge leap in the Security Industry that will give you both!


This is essencial to me, as you saw on my first post…

Why you make this on firewall, instead of making one application for that!?
I have don’t have any doubts that the majors user will prefer this way…

well it will be in CF, but it will be an optional item.
no point in duplicating the code base twice for similar items! its not efficient.
If people don’t want to use it then its as simple as disabling it… if you want to use it, then its the most efficient way of providing HIPS functionality. For example, additional memory usage will be around 1 meg to provide HIPS in CF. if we did this as a stand alone, then it will be much higher and we have to code much more as we will be duplicating a lot.


That sounds promising… hoping for the best… :slight_smile:

Not efficient is to have HIPS on firewall and on AV!

I really don’t understand this way of making software…

I defend that a program should only have features related for its propose, and not for all…

But OK, I have to wait and see what will be done about the firewall related features, and the users requests enchantments…


But one thing you are missing is:

having HIPS as a feature literally does not add anything to the firewall! So firewall is still the same firewall and has no hips functionality until you enable it.
the only difference during download you download more code, thats practically it.