What is new proxy settings in "Settings" panel -"Proxy" tab in CIS 3.5.61xxxbeta

How to use it ?

If you don’t have a proxy server then you don’t have to use it.

If you use a proxy server tell CIS the name FQDN like proxy.company.com the port it needs to connect to like 3128 for squid or 8080 for some others, and if you have to authenticate a userid and password.

That’s it, or you can press the “import from IE” link to check IE settings for proxy configuration.

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Thanks Ronny for Your response…
Yes, I have installed proxy(server) on localhost ( and use it for blocking a)images or b)media or c)dowloadings and for d)caching web sites.
And many times offered here (and will again and again offer) to develop comodo-proxy to parsing connection’s content to have ability to block some kind of internet traffic and for caching sites

Why I have to say Comodo I use a proxy? What is a preference of that?
I always used and use now proxy and firewall together. What is changed?

You don’t have to use it, but if your on a company network and you have no other option then to use the companies firewall to get to the internet you need these settings.


These proxy settings are for a proxy server that is EXTERNAL to your PC, not a proxy service installed locally.

If you look at it logically, CIS/CFP is monitoring the inbound/outbound data on the NIC in your local PC. Your local proxy service is sending/receiving data via this same NIC. Therefore, the inbound data has already been processed by CIS/CFP before it hits your locally installed proxy service.

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Thanks… Now I would like to offer some improvements…
Settings types

  1. Manual
  2. Via script
  3. From browser
  4. Auto detect
  1. Manual is there.
  2. Wish
  3. Is there “import from ie”, not sure if it will take “auto/script/” from IE.
  4. Wish

Can you post that as a wish in the CIS board ?

Yeah Ronny exactly my IE has “proxy from script” settings and I have unsuccessfully tried to import it from IE.


Usually (every occasion I can remember), “Import proxy settings from IE” refers to a specific server/port combo and does not read a PAC or script file for proxy settings.

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You must be using JAVA :BNC